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QLO Agents: Why It May Be The Perfect Fit For You

What is a (QLO) Quest Learning Online Agent?

Our agents are the face of our Quest Learning Online program. They are

dedicated to being the parent's advocate and resource to our QLO instructors and directors. The parent has direct access to their agent to get questions answered, problems heard and resolved, and most importantly kept up to date on the progress of their student(s). 

Who are we looking for?

• Passionate individuals who have a heart for helping kids become top achievers

• Those who want to represent an innovative supplemental educational program

• Those that understand that a certain educational background is not required

• Technical background is also not required; that is why we have "tech" folks

How do you apply to become an agent?

Are you interested in making extra money.  Become a member of the Quest Learning Online family? Please send an email to We would like the email to contain the following: 

    • Your Name (of course)

    • Your Contact Information

    • City where you reside

    • Brief explanation of why you are interested in joining us

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